5 Easy Ways To Drink More Water!



  1. I’m sure you heard it, drink more water! But what does that exactly mean, and why can’t you seem to commit? A good way to judge how much water you may need is to take your body weight, divide it in half, and that is a good target point in ounces to aim for water intake per day. (EX: 150lbs/2 = 75oz per day). This may seem like a lot for the average person, but remember our bodies are made up of 60% water and it is essential for health and survival. If you’re an avid gym go-er, you may want to increase water intake slightly above that calculation.
  2. If you have a hard time drinking that much water, take it slow and work your way up. One trick to making yourself desire water more throughout the day, is to have one glass of water every morning to start the day. Before you eat, and before your morning coffee. This will become a routine for you, and make your body crave more water throughout the day.
  3. Get Yourself a Gallon. Yeah, it may look and sound silly to carry around a gallon all day, but it’s really not. One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re getting enough water is by carrying a gallon around with you, and watching how much you have had out of the gallon throughout the day. You can even write little motivational quotes on your jug, at quarter way points to make you push a little bit more!
  4. Set Reminders in your phone. Setting reminders to drink water every 20-30 minutes will have a huge impact on your water intake, and will keep you on track for the whole day. You’re most likely picking up your phone to check Facebook or text messages that frequently, so why not pick up that gallon while doing so?
  5. Workout MORE! Not only is working out healthy and will change your life for the better, but it’s also a great way to intake more water. While you workout, you tend to crave water due to losing fluids through sweat and pushing yourself throughout the workout. You can easily chug down a decent amount more water if you make working out part of your daily routine.


 Hopefully this helped motivate and give some ideas to those who have trouble getting a healthy amount of water in per day. The more you consistently drink it, the more you will naturally want it. Coming from myself, who has years of properly intaking water, it’s very easy for me to remember to drink and crave getting my correct dose of h20 for the day!

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