5 Simple Ways To IMMEDIATELY Start Losing Weight


Losing weight is often over-complicated by the amount of “fad diets” promoted within the fitness industry. Although some of these diets are good for accountability and consistency – most of them will run you into a quick plateau due to excessively restricting calories for long periods time, leading to a slow metabolism and loss of lean muscle mass.

Innovative Health and Fitness has created a list of simple ways to get you started on your weight loss journey. Remember: no matter what you do – you must end each day in a caloric deficit (eating less than it takes to maintain your weight) in order to lose weight.

5 simple ways to lose weight:

  1. Track Calories: Download a food diary app (MyFitnessPal, Lose it!, etc.) and start tracking your calories each day. Be sure to set your calories accordingly to your goals – the app will help you.
  2. Cut your servings in half – add veggies to make up for the other half you are used to: Reducing your total amount of food each meal will easily put you into a caloric deficit, while adding veggies to each meal will fill you up so you feel as if you ate the same amount!
  3. Increase water intake: Most of us do NOT drink enough water throughout the day – leading to water retention. Holding water makes you feel bloated, along with looking a little more “fluffy”. Increase your water to half your body weight in ounces per day – and you will be sure to lose a few pounds of unnecessary water weight.
  4. Switch to lower calorie options: Although obvious – most people don’t realize how many great, lower calorie options are out there nowadays. For example: instead of ice cream – choose Halo Top (low calorie ice cream) or Vanilla Greek Yogurt with a Fiber One Brownie sprinkled on top. Another great example is choosing Kodiak Cakes (high protein waffle and pancake mix) instead of your regular pancake mix. Dieting doesn’t have to miserable and we live in a great time, with even greater food choices!
  5. Every 3 hours – go for a 10 minute walk: It doesn’t matter how busy you are, we all can afford to take 10 minutes every 3 hours. You’re probably already doing this anyways during work when you get distracted by Instagram and Facebook. You could get in 30-40 minutes of cardio per day without even realizing it, if you spread it out!

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