Your Job is Causing You Pain… Literally.



Did you know your daily routine is the cause of the pain you may be experiencing? Yes, every step you take and every move you make is all leading up to an injury waiting to happen.

Our bodies were designed a specific way in order to keep proper functionality of joints and muscle activation, today’s society has been slowly reversing the functionality of our bodies for decades. As technology is growing quickly and the demand for more desk jobs and hours of sitting in the classroom increases, our bodies are taking a hit.

The human body is a very adaptive creature. It has abilities to change the alignment of bones and joints, as well as changing the length of muscles. This all happens because of the way we move and sit throughout our day. The body will adapt to the most frequent movement patterns and positions that we create throughout our day. I bet you can guess what the human body is turning into as we progress as a society. Shoulders rounded forward, head posture pushed forward, spine curved, belly out, pelvis rotated, knees and feet caved in. These are the positions that we create for ourselves through years of poor movement and long periods of sitting.

Most people blame their old age, or those darn four years of lifting heavy during high school football. Although those two might be contributing factors to your low back or knee pain, but there is a much more to story than just that.

At a young age, we are put into a desk for school, college, and most of the careers offered today. Since we are exposed to poor positions and bad movement patterns at a young age, it is easy to understand why A LOT of people are experiencing similar pains in certain areas of the body. The common denominator in our society is the fact that we all sit for long periods of time. Being in a seated position for hours will re-shape our postures and will have a roll-over into how we move. Not only that, we also lose the ability to fire essential muscle groups that need to stay active in oder to keep tension off joints and tendons.

I could just say, “stand more” and leave it at that. But in most cases that will not be enough. Unfortunately, most people are to far gone for that to work. After years of movement issues, the nervous system has years to reverse and the body needs to re-learn proper posture and correct movement patterns.

If you are someone who experiences low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or muscle aches… it’s not an easy fix. There’s a very high chance that you will need a professional to help you get your body moving right again and correct muscular imbalances you have. In the mean time, try including these tips in your daily routine to stop the pain:

  1. Stand up and walk around for 1 minute for every hour of sitting.
  2. Stretch 3x per day for 10 minutes each time. (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening)
  3. Invest in a stand up desk.
  4. Start foam rolling.
  5. Exercise more- focusing on posterior chain (backside of body)

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