Mobility: The Missing Piece to Making Progress in the Gym

Blood, sweat, and tears is what we’re told it takes to reach our fitness goals. When we think of the gym, we think go hard, or go home… theres no time for that warm-up stuff when you’ve already taken your scoop of pre-workout and are ready to jump right into heavy sets of squats or push-ups.

Its unfortunate that fitness has made a turn to “how hard can you beat yourself up”, rather than making it a long-term, health commitment. In todays society, we want things quick with minimal effort and it shows when it comes to most people trying to reach their fitness goals.

Importance of Warming Up Properly and Maintaining Mobility

No matter what style workout you decide to commit too, its very important to warm-up properly before going into an intense workout. Even something as simple as going for walk, you MUST go through a series of mobility drills and stretches in order to maintain proper positioning during exercise.

In todays world, we are ALL too sedentary and our jobs require repetitive movements throughout the day. This leads to muscular imbalances, tight musculature, and the in-ability to execute basic movements of the human body. Our knees cave inward, lower back rounds, and shoulders hunch forward due to the lifestyles we live. By simply completing daily mobility and stretching routines, you can not only improve these issues, but if you do them consistently you can even end up decreasing aches and pains you feel throughout the day.

Would You Race Your Car Without Warming it Up?

This is a great analogy to get the point across. You’ll never see someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to racing; start their car and immediately put the pedal to the floor. You have to let oil run through the engine and let the engine components warm up. If you don’t do this simple thing, you’re asking for engine failure.

This applies to your body as well, mobility and stretching before a workout will prepare your joints and muscle tissue to move better throughout your exercises.

Some simple benefits to completing a mobility routine before workout are:

  1. Increased range of motion
  2. Increased activation of muscles
  3. Improved movement patterns
  4. Improved blood flow to muscles and joints
  5. Reduced risk of injury/joint pain
  6. Reduced risk of over-use injuries
  7. Improved recovery time
  8. Faster increases in strength
  9. Faster increases in muscle gain
  10. Less time off taken from working out, due to injuries
  11. Reduced stress
  12. Reduced Anxiety

As you can see, the list goes on and on! Unfortunately we cannot tell you exactly what your warm-up should be, BECAUSE every one is different and every BODY is different. A proper warm-up for someone will vary depending on the individual and their personal muscular imbalances and weak points.

If you are curious as to what a proper warm up would be for you, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation and assessment on posture, flexibility, and movement.

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