New Moms Can Still Be Fit Moms

Dedicated to my wonderful, amazing sister, Abby Maguire Klatsky, who is the genius behind this series of exercises.

In the spirit of Halloween we decided to have a little fun while bringing you a great series of exercises that new moms can do while spending some quality time with their baby. All exercises can be modified based on your strength levels and the age of your baby. Let us know if you have any additional moves in your routine!

Going for walks is a great way to get yourself moving again and get some fresh air. Once you’ve warmed up try upping the intensity by jogging behind the stroller. From there you can spice it up with some agility moves by doing side shuffles and walking lunges.

Getting creative with your workouts while involving your baby can be as simple as just modifying basic strength exercises but using your baby as resistance. As we’ve said in previous posts, glute bridges are fantastic for basic hip strength and health, and now you have a workout partner to keep you motivated! Adding in core exercises can be fun to, like doing planks around your baby, sit ups with a baby press at the top for some extra activation, or keep them on your lap while you do leg raises.

Big, full body exercises are doable as well with this squat to baby overhead press. Keep working your legs, core, and shoulders by doing alternating lunges with a baby press with each lunge. You can use a baby carrier for this next exercise while you work on a bit of balance with reverse lunges. And finally, you can tone up your arms by doing baby hammer curls with a chest press in between each one.

We hope this post is useful for all new moms, and please leave us a comment with any ideas of your own! Wishing everyone a happy, fun, and safe Halloween!


Written by Jamie Maguire

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