Personal Training at Your Door Step

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Personal Trainer? Better yet, how about a trainer that will bring the workout to you?

If you have a full time job, have kids to take care of, or have a busy lifestyle in general, finding time for the gym isn’t a very appealing thought. The 15 minute car ride to the gym, 10 minutes to change, 10 minute warm up, 60 minute workout, and 10 minute cool down, all sound impossible to fit into your schedule.

When you work with Jake from Innovative Health and Fitness, you will not only get to throw away the thought of spending three + hours at the gym, you will get a great workout in the convenience of your own home. Jake specialized in Corrective Exercise, which means we can correct any muscular imbalances you may have that can be causing you pain, all while working towards your goal of losing weight or building muscle.

Get rid of low back pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain, all while working towards your fitness goals before summer starts and the vacations begin!

We are offering a limited time offer for this May, 4 sessions for $99Don’t miss out on this great deal, and definitely don’t wait any longer to get that summer body back.


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