Speed Up Your Fat Loss: Focus On The Weights!


When it comes to fat loss, the first thing that comes to mind is to start doing more cardio and eat less. Although that may give quick results in the beginning – most of us notice our weight loss coming to a quick end after a few weeks of losing weight quickly. This will lead to the cycle of falling in and out of the gym throughout the years, and losing the same 20lbs over, and over again.

There are some key components that most of us ignore when it comes to working towards your weight loss goals. Cardio and restricting calories (slightly) are definitely part of your weight loss journey, BUT if you are not incorporating strength training into your workout routine – you’ll most likely fall short of your goals.

How Strength Training Can Help You Lose Weight

Increase your metabolic rate: Putting on lean muscle mass is a great and easy way to increase your resting metabolic rate, which is how many calories you burn at rest. If you are burning more calories naturally throughout the day, you’ll have a MUCH easier time keeping weight off.

Have more intense workouts: Gaining strength and muscle mass will not only help you push more weight – this will have a HUGE positive effect on your cardiovascular endurance as well. The more endurance you have in your muscles – the faster you’ll move, and the more calories you will burn during your cardio workouts.

Look the part when you lose the weight: If you were to ONLY do cardio and restrict calories – most of us would not be happy with the way we looked when we hit our goal weight. Without the weights; you’ll lack definition in all the right places. Lifting will shape your body to the way you want to look.


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