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Amanda Morgante

"I have been training with Jake for almost a year now. In that time I have seen amazing changes in my body composition, functionality of movement, strength and overall health. I had never done a single deadlift in my life prior to beginning our training. Now I have lifted 165 pounds, with the intention of getting stronger and lifting heavier.

I was very impressed with Jake's level of knowledge, not just of lifting techniques but also anatomy, nutrition, and corrective training. I have had many injuries that affect my movement, but with Jake's expertise I have been able to correct my form and perform heavier lifts safely and effectively.

Jake is able to explain why he is having me make certain changes. Where and how my body should be feeling the movement to get the most out of each exercise. Jake brings a quieter, calmer approach to motivation during training. I enjoy this as I feel more comfortable discussing many things, and asking questions in the space that he projects. I like that while knowledgeable, Jake doesn't make our training sessions serious affairs. We have been able to joke and laugh, making these times at the gym very enjoyable.

Over the past year I have been able to lose weight, build and tone muscle, and learn a lot about health and nutrition to attain a healthier and happier life due to Jake a remarkable trainer."

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.


Mark Alvarez

"I'm 69. I worked with Jake for just over a year. I began at 186 pounds, with chronic back pain. When he left for Austin, I was 158lbs, back pain long gone, and tremendous improvements in strength, flexibility, and balance. Which has meant tremendous improvement in quality of life.

Jake's style isn't rah-rah, push, push. He is analytical and encouraging... and, boy, does he know his stuff. I've talked with other trainers who tell me he's really helped them out with concerns they'd had with their own clients.

What else can I say? Jake is top-notch.

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.

Deidre King

"These past six months of training with Jake 2x per week have helped me to turn my life around; mentally, emotionally, and physically. I suffered with fibromyalgia for six years and could hardly walk up a set of stairs. I started slowly exercising at home for a year but Jake really turned this around for me. 

Mentally he trained me to think- "I got this, I can do it" instead of "I can't". Emotionally he trained me to feel- "My goals are achievable" instead of "My goals are impossible" and physically he keeps showing me what I am capable of and has increased my strength, endurance, and muscle tone and definition. I love looking in the mirror at the positive changes in my muscle tone and how great my posture has become. 

You have been such a blessing to me and I will never forget you. No therapist or counselor has ever come close to helping me gain the level of self-confidence and happiness that you have. Your knowledge combined with your personality are a winning combination."

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.

Craig Rosenthal

"I started training with Jake Behan in September 2015. I had worked with a trainer previously and had improved my physical condition to the point where I was able to run a couple Spartan Sprint races. However, I was still struggling with certain physical limitations- a few herniated discs and a chronic condition that causes pain, stiffness, and balance issues. I told Jake about my goals (improve the areas where I am limited, continue to gain strength and improve overall conditioning) and he said he knew exactly what to do.

I was a little nervous at first as Jake was close in age to my own kids but it quickly became apparent that he knew his stuff. What is his stuff? Not a simple answer- so here is a list:

He knows how to teach proper form for exercises and lifting
He knows that when a body part hurts to look for cause and effect (i.e. if your knee hurts it may not be a knee issue but rather hip flexors)
He knows how to correct physical issues (i.e. trigger point release)
He knows nutrition (I now track my nutrition and do meal planning/prep)
He knows how to customize training plans by age, ability, and desired goals
He knows way too much about the human body and how it works (I didn't know I had rhomboids until he told me and now I want to develop them)
I am very happy with the progress I made while training with Jake- I am stronger, more flexible, and less injury prove than ever before and I have Jake to thank for that.

I will miss training with him not only because he is a great trainer but because he is a great person.

Best of luck in Texas"

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.

Paula Getnick

"I have been working with Jake for two years. It has truly been a pleasure working with Jake. He is very professional and intelligent, and he knows so many aspects of physical health and well-being. Every training session is different and varied. We have especially worked on strength training, and I have definitely seen great improvement on the strength of my arms, legs and core. Jake was especially caring and cautious when I fractured my ankle last year. I was most grateful for his concern. Jake is a respectful, kind, and sensitive person; and the quality of his training is on the highest level."

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.

Ted O'Connor

"Jake is not only an excellent trainer, he's also an excellent teacher. He shows you how to do it, why to do it, and why it works. He's constantly encouraging, quick with positive feedback and coaching, and has great tips to make the mental part of lifting become second nature."

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.

Katie Lewis

"I've been training with Jake on and off for about a year. He is an awesome trainer and would highly recommend him. Over the past month and a half, Jake has helped me lose almost 20 pounds. One of the goals was to be able to do a pull-up and Jake has been helping me reach this goal by focusing our workouts on the muscle groups needed to do a pull-up. I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to lose weight or get stronger."

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.

David King

"Jake done good. Haha. Whenever I trained on my own I would hurt my elbow. Jake was able to adapt a routine so that I could work on my arms without hurting my elbows. In three months I lost 15 pounds and gained some muscle without being fatigued or hungry. I actually eat more which is interesting. I just eat differently now. Thank you."

*Note- Results may vary from client to client.