The Importance of Stability Exercises in Your Training Program

Heart racing, muscles shaking, and sweat dripping are all things that come to mind when you are coming up with a workout program. Although these are all great and are the main focus of burning calories- most people forget to include the foundation of all exercise; stabilization.

Preventing injury should always be the number one focus in your training, avoiding injuries will ensure that you can stay in the gym for long-term, making it easier to stay motivated and reach your goals. Without a good base of stability, you will easily develop poor movement patterns and muscular imbalances from the exercises you are performing due to the inability to maintain posture.

We often see clients who are just getting back into working out after falling off the bandwagon for a long-time, eager to get back into running, jumping, and lifting weights. As personal trainers we take a more technical and safe approach before throwing advanced exercises at clients and focus on balance and stability, so that clients can isometrically maintain posture before throwing heavy weight, and fast movements at them.

Stabilization before or after your main workout?

We recommend completing stability exercises before AND after your main working sets of weights or cardio. This will essentially “wake up” your stability muscles around your joints and spine – helping you maintain the correct positioning during more challenging exercises.

Think about it – would you build a house without laying its foundation first? Stability works the same way as far as building your body goes. If you have questions concerning how to incorporate balance into your exercise routine or don’t know where to start – feel free to contact us below!



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