The Truth About Your Knee Pain

The Truth About Your Knee Pain


Although knee pain is not the most common joint pain experienced within society, it is a close runner-up to lower back pain. In my experience as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, most clients who experience knee pain, also have lower back pain. We are often told surgery is the only way to get rid of painful knees, and we humans jump to conclusions, rather than taking a step back and realizing that in most cases the pain is being caused by the imbalance of muscular tension surrounding the knee.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when surgery is necessary, for example; ACL tears or Arthritis has already set in. BUT, if you have not been diagnosed with either of these problems, the next place to look is muscular. Muscular imbalances can cause un-equal tension coming from all angles of your joints, and since the knee is loaded thousands of times throughout the day, and is closely related to the neutrality of your pelvis; it is very common for weak and over-active muscles to play a huge role in knee pain.

If we take a look at your static posture or how you hold yourself throughout the day; we would most likely be able to see what may be causing the pain you are experiencing. Remember, every single person is different and this is not a one-way fix it all method; so I am going to give you the most common postural dysfunction that is causes knee pain.

When we take a look at posture from head to toe; we want to pay close attention to the hips and the ankles; as one of those points of your body is causing the knee pain. Most of the time; it is not the knee thats causing itself to ache; it is the musculature below or above.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt


If we take a look at the picture shown above; you can compare a good static position to a bad position. This is the most common postural dysfunction due to the increase in sedentary lifestyles and excessive amounts of sitting throughout the day. As we go about our lazy lifestyles; our body begins to mimic our most common position; the desk job posture. 

The pelvis (hips) begins to Anteriorly rotate from excessive muscular tension in the front of your hips, and lack of strength (tension) in your backside (Glutes and Hamstrings). This postural position not only effects the pelvis, it effects the whole chain; going down to your knees, and eventually causing issues in the ankles. Due to the lack of strength in the posterior chain; and excessive tightness and strength in the front side of your body; the knee joint will begin to get loaded improperly leading to loss of functionality and send the patella off-track. The loss of functionality and improper loading patterns are the reason for your pain.

There you have it; a basic summary of the truth about your un-solved knee pain. Remember; this is the MOST COMMON cause of painful knees, but this may not be your specific issue. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation with a local Professional Fitness Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist to assist you with your pain. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more weekly blog posts!



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