Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Hire a Corporate Personal Trainer


Hiring the right personal trainer for you is very important, if you end up with the wrong one, you may end up stuck in a contract with them for a long period of time. Although there are TONS of options of where to get a trainer, there are some places you’ll want to stay away from.

Many corporate gyms have set rules that trainers have to follow, even if the instructor has tons of experience and a lot of certifications; they won’t be able to put their knowledge to good use, working as a corporate employee. Here are a few reasons why you SHOULDN’T hire a trainer from a corporate gym.

  1. Corporate structures do not allow for individualized workouts. This means that most of your workouts will be pre-written or picked from a book of workouts that match your description. This does not allow for truly individualized workouts based on your muscular imbalances, fitness goals, flexibility issues, or medical limitations. Although it may feel like a good workout, you may be further engraving muscular imbalances and movement dysfunctions that can lead you down a path to future injuries.
  2. No emphasis on form or muscular imbalance correction. As stated above, you will not receive individualized routines from a corporate structure; this doesn’t allow your trainer to fully correct any muscular imbalances that may be holding you back from having good form on exercises. Since their job is to simply just beat you up and send you on your way, there won’t be any time for them to truly teach you how to move and explain why you’re working out the way that you are. Once your done with your sessions; it will be easy to fall out of the routine due to the trainer not actually showing you how to workout and structure your workouts in an effective way for you personally.
  3. You are just a number. Due to the mass amounts of members within most corporate gyms, personal trainers get flooded with tons of clients. If a trainer is pumping out 10-15 clients per day, at only 30 minutes per session; how do you think that effects the quality of your sessions? Less than an hour sessions are not optimal to for the trainer to warm you up properly, and truly focus on your weak points. The relationship you have with your trainer does truly matter, and if you’re just another number that goes up on the board every month, your trainer most likely is not going to try to hard to get to know you and your goals too well.

Remember, I’m not saying this applies to every single trainer working at a Gold’s Gym , Anytime Fitness, or other corporate facilities  but the majority of the time, these facts are true. Always remember when it comes to personal training, you get what you pay for. The cheap rates at corporate gyms are tempting; but the quality of your sessions will reflect that.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions regarding personal training; feel free to contact us below!

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