Top 5 Exercises For Arm Development: Science Explained

Whether you are a girl or boy, you most likely want more attractive arms, along with a smaller waist of course. This article isn’t going to be about how to get the biggest arms ever, and look like a bodybuilder. Nutrition is a huge part of how “huge” you get, so in order to get massive arms; you have to live, eat, and breathe bodybuilding. If you are an average gym-goer, you will not get massive arms from this advice, but this will definitely help you get nicer arms!

Biceps or Triceps: Which one is more important?

If you have lifted weights before, you’ve probably gone through a phase where all you cared about was Chest and Biceps (guys you definitely know what I’m talking about), because those are the muscles that people notice the most bulging out of your shirt.

Truth be told, having big Biceps will not actually make your arms look big; as they only make up about 30% of your arm. When you see someone with big arms, they most likely have large Triceps and Shoulders that are making their arms look defined. Triceps make up the other 70% of the upper portion of your arm.

Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have any size or definition in your Biceps, you will lack symmetry and definition, but not nearly as much as if you only had nice Bi’s, with no Tri’s.

So you should probably TRI- a little harder to target those Triceps, so you can get BI.

Anatomy of Triceps

As for any muscle group you want to develop, you need to know the anatomy and best way to target that muscle group. A huge part of targeting the Tricep that most people miss out on, is doing exercises that target the long head of the Tricep.

By doing exercises overhead, it will target the bigger portion of your Tricep, known as “the long-head”. This part of the muscle runs all the way from the posterior side of your shoulder, down to the elbow joint.

The most common Tricep exercise in the gym is the Tricep-Pushdown. You’ve most likely seen or performed this but attaching a bar or rope to a cable machine, and pushing it straight down towards the ground. Although highly effective, you are only targeting the short-head of the muscle (smaller portion).

Doing more exercises such as Overhead Tricep Extensions and Overhead Barbell Press, you will have much better luck developing your arms, as well as building strength and functionality during other exercises.

Shoulders: Do They Matter?

Often times, we see traditional weight lifting routines that include a whole day dedicated to just shoulders. Research shows that this method is over-kill for the shoulder joint, and spreading your shoulder volume throughout the week is most effective.

Your Deltoids have three main portions to it; in simple terms, the Front Deltoid, Side Deltoid, and Rear Deltoid. Your Delts will greatly impact how proportionate your arms look.

I suggest mainly focusing on your Side Deltoids and Rear Deltoids during training, the Front Delts take a beating throughout daily life and are involved greatly during other muscle groups. Side Delts will create the “3D” shoulder look, while the Rear Delt will give you the shoulder a more “round” and full look. Having developed shoulders will allow your Biceps and Triceps to “pop”!

Top 5 Exercises For Arm Development 

  1. OverHead Barbell Press





2.    OverHead Tricep Extension

3. Straight Barbell Curl

4. Dumbbell Bicep Curls (Neutral – Supination of Wrists)

5. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises



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